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The company Tailuns International is a modern Internet platform, registering at which Partners will receive the necessary resources and financial support (donations) from Other Site Partners to implement any of their ideas and intentions in life
In English, "crowds" sounds like people"s, collective, general, and "fandom" - funding. In other words, crowd-funding is a fund-raising, financing for a person, people"s financing. People can unite and donate money to help those in need, support sports, science, culture, political or social movements. Crowdfunding is often used in business - for example, when a talented young entrepreneur has a promising idea, but there is not enough money for a start-up, and he is ready to attract investments from all comers
Any Participant can post his Project (idea). On the Internet site. To do this, you need to register with the Company and perform 4 simple steps (see the Home Page of the Site)
The Crowdfunding Internet Site can be useful and bring convincing help: for beginners and practicing entrepreneurs, for the development of creative projects and personalities, for the development of art, for the development of social projects in their country or abroad, for charitable organizations, sports projects, public initiatives , Writers, musicians, journalists, photographers, etc. etc. In short, too many directions to list them all.
Interest. The most common human interest and attention. It is this human factor that determines and solves the destinies of projects, people, directions, finances. The projects on the Tailuns International site are primarily the result of creative activity of people who love their work and are ready to share their knowledge and experience with others.
The Marketing System proposed by the Company is very modern and highly effective. Combines Classic and Modern Marketing. It allows several times to increase the speed and amount of the receipt of donated money transfers (donations) to the accounts of the Partners. All income received by Partners in the Marketing System consists of Transfers (Donations) from the Company"s Partners
Yes. The Company"s marketing provides for a number of rewards and bonuses to the Partners for the activity shown by them. The procedure for charging bonuses is determined by the Company"s Marketing Plan, which can be downloaded from the Partner"s Personal Desk on the Company"s website.
Company Tailuns International Does not take any deductions for the Participation of Partners in the work of the CrowdFunding Internet Site. The Company, along with the Partners, is also a full-fledged Participant of this Site and receives transfers (donations) for the implementation and promotion of its own Programs (Ideas).
The Company"s Marketing System is unique in itself. Each Partner receives at his disposal his own referral link to attract Partners to his structure. All accruals on marketing occur in an atomic mode and do not require the intervention of Partners. In the Personal Area of Partners, there are additional Marketing Tools and Social Network buttons linked to the Partner"s referral link.
For this it is necessary to register with the Company, to become its active Partner. Make an informed voluntary transfer (donation) to one of the Company"s Partners, in the amount of 5-15 dollars. After that, fill in the necessary form in the Personal Area, select the Category of your Project, a photo, and make a brief description. This Project will appear and be visually displayed on the overall "Partner Projects Wall" and will be visible to each of the Partners and potential Sponsors. Projects of the Company"s most active Partners will be displayed on the Main page of the site, the Referral Links of Partners will be tied to them, which will significantly increase the registration and receipt Transfers (donations) to these active Partners from third-party visitors to the Company Site.
The amount of funds received (donations) is not limited by anything and can exceed by an order of magnitude the amount declared by the Partner when placing the Project on the Site. Everything depends on the activity of the Partner, his skills and ability to invite Partners, work with them and build their own Structure. A smart and modern Marketing plan helps increase the funds received by it.
After the registration of the Partner on the Company Site, he can change some of his profile data in the Personal Area. For this you need to go to the Profile Menu".
The company has a powerful set of practical and popular Electronic Payment Systems for accepting Payments of Partners and withdrawing money. These are: Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer ...., there are more than 10 of them, including BitCoin.
Use the Password Recovery Form.
Tailuns International fully shares your desire to be the first in everything, but is not responsible for the risks of your financial losses and any other risks. Using the Services provided by the Internet Site, you act independently and take all the risks on your own. All your successes and achievements depend solely on the level of your technical training, your skills, skills and experience in working on Internet projects or companies, as well as the experience of participating in Partner Programs. We do not guarantee the receipt of transfers (donations) planned by you, as a result of using the resources of this Site, but in every possible way we will strive and contribute to this by all the legal ways available to Tailuns International Company.
Competently formulate your question, fill out the required form and contact the Support Service, which will respond to you within 48 hours. Data of the Support Service is on the Company"s website.

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