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User Agreement and Rules


The User Agreement and the Rules for the Use of the CrowdFunding Internet Site of the Company Tailuns International

We are glad to welcome you to the pages of the CrowdFunding Internet Site (hereinafter - the Site) at: , Provided by Tailuns International (Next - Company) For correct work at this Site, we suggest to familiarize yourself with the conditions and the order of its use.

1. General provisions.

1.1. Site functions are provided subject to compliance with the Rules defined in this User Agreement for the use of the Tailuns International Crawfunding Internet Site (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).

1.2. This Agreement is a written public offer of the Company. After you have approved this document (acceptance) in the established manner, the User Agreement takes the force of the contract and is subject to compliance by the parties.

2. Terms and Definitions.

2.1. Site (Company Website is a set of software and hardware that provide the opportunity for information and technological interaction between all Participants (Partners) of the Site when performing (using the Internet) activities aimed at conducting financial transactions between Partners, in the course of their voluntary transfers (donations), in order to obtain maximum financial assistance by all Participants

2.2. The site is also designed for other activities and sequences related to attracting Partners to work in the Company, conducting advertising campaigns and actions, maintaining statistical records and reporting on the activities of each of the Company"s Partners and the Company as a whole

2.3. The site is intended to assist the Partners in organizing their work with the Personal Offices, within the framework of the fulfillment of the obligations of the Market System of the Company

2.4. A Partner of the Company is considered to be a Legal or Physical Person registered on the Company"s Site that has agreed to the Terms of this Agreement. Age of the Participant must be at least 18 years.

2.5. Administration of the Site (Site) is an organization of experts authorized by the Company, carrying out the technical and organizational work of the Site (Site), the smooth functioning of its elements

2.6. Site User is a Partner of the Company, fully utilizing in its work all the resources provided by the Site

2.7. This section is not exhaustive for the interpretation of terms used in this Agreement. The content of individual terms can be found elsewhere in this document

3. Subject of the Agreement.

3.1. Under the terms of this Agreement, the Site Administration (Site of the Company) ensures the uninterrupted operation of all sections of the site, their timely update and work safety and automation of individual processes in accordance with the Marketing System, the binding of electronic systems for receiving and sending Payments to sections of the Site,

3.2. The Site user uses all technical and Internet resources provided by the Site to achieve and obtain final financial results

3.3. When registering on the site, the User indicates his real data, in order to form the Company"s Partner Database. The administration undertakes to comply with the strictest confidentiality for the transfer of these data to third parties

3.4. Registration of the User on the Site is possible only upon confirmation by the User of the acceptance of this Agreement. This Agreement can be changed unilaterally by the Site Administration at any time, without any special notification from the User. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Site, unless otherwise provided for by the new version of the Agreement.

3.5 The User agrees to provide full information about himself in the registration form and maintain this Information up to date. If this Information changes, the User agrees to change it as soon as possible, notifying the Site Administration. If the User specifies unreliable information about himself during registration, or the Site Administration has reason to believe that the information provided by the person is inconsistent, incomplete, inaccurate, violates the terms of this Agreement or that the person uses other people"s data, the Site Administration has the right to suspend or cancel registration And deny the user full access to all or some features of the Site and / or delete the User Profile from the Site.

3.6. Individual E-mail and password of the User, necessary for authorization on the Site, are chosen by the User and are intended only for a specific User. The User undertakes not to disclose, not to transfer to third parties his E-mail and password, and take all necessary measures to ensure that his E-mail and password are not available to third parties. Individual e-mail and password allow access to those sections of the Site that are accessible only to registered Users, as well as to personal pages of the Site, intended only for this User.

3.7. If any person who is authorized in addition to the User on the Site, using the User"s login and password, then all actions committed by such a person will be deemed to be committed by that User. The user is solely responsible for all actions performed by him on the Site, as well as for all actions performed on the Site by any other persons using the User"s E-mail and password

3.8. The user is solely responsible for the safety of his password, as well as for all consequences that may arise as a result of his unauthorized and / or other use. The Administration of the Site is not responsible for any possible loss or damage to data that may occur due to violation by the User of the provisions of this part of this Agreement.

3.9. Duties of the User when working on the Site:
- Do not distribute computer viruses or other computer codes, files or programs designed to violate, modify, block the destruction or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs for unauthorized access, or serial numbers to commercial software products on the Site and / or through the Site And programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means for obtaining unauthorized access to the Site, as well as to paid fees Rsam on the Internet; Do not disrupt the normal operation of the Site;

- Not to distribute and / or not to use any computer programs aimed at "pumping" (collecting), illegally transferring, copying, blocking, modifying, destroying Information, Databases or other information from the Site, as well as bypassing restrictions established by the Site;

- Do not collect, store, distribute or otherwise act on the processing of personal data of others;

- Do not post links to other Internet resources on the Site whose content is contrary to the requirements of the law or this Agreement;

- When registering on the Site, do not provide false information about yourself, do not register and act on the Site on behalf of another real or existing person, do not indicate the data of third parties, do not use any forms and methods of illegal representation of third parties;

- Do not commit through the Site the actions aimed at extorting or receiving money, regardless of the pretext, from other Users or third parties;

- Do not contribute to the commission and / or do not commit using the Site other illegal, illegal acts.

3.10. The administration of the site does not charge any fees for opening, the right of use, maintenance of the Partner"s Office.

3.11. The user is not allowed to interfere with the technical work of the site, to take any unauthorized actions with respect to the operation of the site

3.12. The user assumes all financial risks associated with transfers (donations) to other Partners of the Company and does so in a sound mind and full consciousness

3.13. The Company is not liable to the Company"s Partners for the risks associated with the financial transfers (donations) of the Company"s Partners, but only organizes technically competent and complete execution of all such financial transactions between the Partners within the Internet Platform.

3.14. Any use of the Site or Content of the site (copying, reproduction, distribution, sale in whole or in parts) is strictly forbidden, except for those permitted in these Rules or in the case of the express consent of the author for such use, without the prior written permission of the Company. In case of violation of this clause, the Company has the right to apply the measures at its discretion.

3.15. It is prohibited to post any information that, in the opinion of the Administration, is undesirable, does not correspond to the purposes of creating the Site or infringes the interests of other Users. For posting information contrary to this Agreement, a Partner may be removed from the Company Site without returning to him the funds received in the course of the operation.

3.16. All information provided by the User on the Site is confidential, intended solely for use within the Site system and is not subject to disclosure by third parties

4. Settlement of arising disputes or questions

4.1. The User and the Site Administration will try to resolve all the disputes and disagreements that have arisen between them through joint negotiations. If it is impossible to resolve disputes and disagreements by negotiation, they are subject to consideration in the appropriate court at the location of the Administration of the Site.

5. Final provisions

5.1. If, for one reason or another, one or more of the Provisions of this Agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions.

5.2. If the User disagrees with the present Rules of this Agreement or their updates, the User is obliged to refuse to use the resources or capabilities of this Site (Site) by sending to the Administration Support letter from his / her Personal Account (Cabinet)

5.3. In this case, the Administration of the site removes the User"s personal page, with all the information placed on it. After deleting your personal page, the User automatically loses the right of access to the Site (Site).

5.4. This User Agreement is in English and may be provided to the User for examination in another language. In the event of a divergence of the English version of the Agreement and the version of the Agreement in a different language, the provisions of the English version of this Agreement version apply).

5.5. Due to the gratuitousness of the services rendered by the Site Administration within the framework of this Agreement, the rules on consumer protection can not be applicable to it. If the Agreement is given a compensatory nature, appropriate changes will be made to it in order to comply with these standards.

Denial of responsibility:

The Site Administration completely shares your desire to be the first in everything, but is not responsible for the risks of your financial losses and any other risks. Using the Services provided by this Site (Saito), you act independently and take all the risks on your own. All your successes and achievements depend solely on the level of your technical training, your skills, skills and experience in working on Internet projects or companies, as well as the experience of participating in Partner Programs. We do not guarantee the receipt of transfers (donations) planned by you, as a result of using the resources of this Site (site), but in every possible way we will strive and contribute to this by all legal means available to the Site Administration in ways